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Most frequent questions & answers

Answer :  No, you don’t need a licence to be a Wellness Medicine Practitioner. However, some states may require to be licenced to practice as health coach or providing advice in the field related to the nutrition and the holistic health. If you have any question feel free to reach out  The Council of Holistic Health Educator (CHHE) and let them know you’re interested to join The Institute of Wellness Medicine. It will be their pleasure to answer your inquiries.

Answer: The Wellness Medicine Model (IWM) is an integrated complementary and alternative medicine approach aim to achieve optimal health by restoring balance and wellbeing. The Principles of Wellness Medicine is based on 4 dimensional levels of Wellbeing.

Answer:  The Institute of Wellness Medicine (IWM) has been recognized as a center of excellence and as an approved training provider by The Complementary Medical Association (CMA). We’re also member of The Council of Health Educator (CHHE) and The American Holistic Health Association (AHHA)

Answer: Our online program is entirely self-paced, student take the exams when they are ready there is no deadline.

Program Duration:

  • Level 1 Wellness Medicine Practitioner: 6 Months
  • Level 2 Wellness Medicine Coach : 4 Months
  • Level 3 Wellness Medicine Specialist: 4 Months

Answer: Yes ! Absolutely, after completion of the Wellness Medicine Practitioner program and certification, it will allow you to start your own practice and get access to professional liability insurance.


There are 3 steps to the IWM certification: 

  1. Apply 
  2. Complete Coursework
  3. Case Study    

Successful completion of the courses exams & quizzes and case study are required to become certified.


The Beneficits of the IWM Certification’s:

  • IWM certification badge upon completion
  • Recognition of high standards of competency and professional credibility
  • IWM certification’s certificate (Valid for 2 years)
  • Eligible to apply for full membership with The Complementary Medical Association (CMA)
  • Low rate professional liability insurance

Answer:  Yes, The IWM certification is valid for 2 years and it is free of charge. If you do not recertified by this deadline, a fee of 250$ for the exam will apply.


  • Wellness Medicine Practitioner (WMP) Level 1:  1899$
  • Wellness Medicine Coach (WMC):  1199$
  • Wellness Specialty (6 specialities) :  899$
*** Tuition fees are in USD currency