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Wellness Medicine Course

- Level 1- Practitioner

The first level of Wellness Medicine certification have been designed into 11 chapters that provide the student a depth-in understanding of  basic sciences but also a strong foundation of disciplines that are included in the wellness medicine . We teach you the essential skills that is necessary to develop in order to become a successful practitioner. 

- Level 2 -

The second level of Wellness Medicine certification is divided into 7 chapters and provided student opportunity to gain more knowleadge and develop clinical skills in integrating differents holistic therapies.

- Level 3- Specialist

The third level of Wellness Medicine certification have been developed to provide student the opportunity to specialize in one specific area and gain knowledge relating those field. 


“ The Institute of Wellness Medicine has amazing study programs. The courses are well structured and easy to understand. I’ve learned a lot in the practitioner and coach program to the point that I felt confident to start my own business. Thank you for your support”.

C. Andersons,
Wellness Medicine Practitioner & Coach Certified


Upon successful completion of the wellness medicine courses and case study, all students will receive a link to download the digital certificate. For each level of training the student will receive the appropriate certificate and IWM digital badges. Please take note that the official certificate will be mailed two weeks after the completion date. 

Graduates will be authorized to use the promotional IWM digital badges (Practitioner, Coach, Specialist) to display online or in print for commercial use. These IWM digital badges are useful and serve as recognition of your skills and clinical competencies that you have learned during your training.