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Our Accreditations & Affiliations

The Institute of Wellness Medicine is a recognized and approved training provider by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) accreditation board and by the Complementary Medical Association (CMA). 

We are also a member of the Council of Health Educators and the American Holistic Health Association (AHHA)

What is Wellness Medicine?

The Principles of Wellness Medicine

Wellness Medicine is an integrated approach to wellness that aims to achieve optimal health by restoring the interconnection and balance of the three-dimensional levels of wellbeing:  structural, physiological, and mental. This preventive approach supports the individual as a whole person and empowers them to embrace healthy lifestyles and behavior changes that restore clinical imbalances.

The 3 Dimensions Level of Wellness

The 8 Components of Wellness Medicine

Learn the Sciences Behind The Wellness Medicine
Core Training

As part of our curriculum, we do not teach our students how to apply protocols, but we teach them the scientific foundation of Wellness Medicine so that they can develop their own independent strategies. The Wellness Medicine Certification program*** has been developed in collaboration with health professionals and experts in the field of nutrition and complementary alternative medicine (CAM). 


**** Please take note that The Wellness Medicine Certification program does not grant any legal qualification (degrees) or licensure. For more information please refer to the section


Wellness Medicine Course

- Level 1- Practitioner

The first level of Wellness Medicine certification has been designed into 12 learning modules that provide the student a depth-in understanding of basic sciences but also a strong foundation of disciplines that are included in wellness medicine. We teach you the essential skills that are necessary to develop in order to become a successful practitioner.

- Level 2- Coach

The second level of Wellness Medicine certification is divided into 7 learning modules and provided students the opportunity to gain more knowledge and develop clinical skills in integrating different holistic therapies.

- Level 3- Specialist

The third level of Wellness Medicine certification has been developed to provide students the opportunity to specialize in one of our 6 specialties programs. 

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Our program is 100% online. Learn at your own pace.

Evidences Based-Sciences

Learn Evidence-Based Natural Medicine and CAM Therapies.

Flexible Payment Plans

Our payment plans allow you to pay in 3 or 6 monthly payments.

Online Support & Coaching

Online Support & Coaching during your study and career development.

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Upon successful completion of the courses and case study, all students will receive a link to download the digital certificate. For each level of training, the student will receive the appropriate certificate and IWM digital badges. 

Graduates will be authorized to use the promotional IWM digital badges to display online or in print for commercial use. These IWM digital badges are useful and serve as recognition of the skills and competencies that you have learned during your training.

The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.
Thomas Edison

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